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To Level Up In Your Career


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We are Professional Development Practice Lab: Your Communication Trainers

Use the tools that actors use to appear expert and confident in any professional situation. Power up your voice and body language and find strength you didn’t even know you had by practicing simple techniques to improve your professional presentation & communication skills.

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For Colleges & Universities

We will visit your college or university to give a keynote/ brown-bag speech, lead workshops, or provide team-building exercises for your lab or department. Support your undergraduate & graduate students and faculty by providing them with communication & presentation training before the next round of thesis defenses, admissions interviews, job talks, conferences, or academic hackathons.

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For Small Business Teams

Does your team need help communicating better and connecting with one another and your clients? We can help! Break poor communication habits and infuse your small business with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose by scheduling a fun, refreshing workshop with us. Even better, align your leadership team with your company’s values and improve intra-team communication with a 360° communication review/ assessment/ coaching package with Professional Development Practice Lab.

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For Individuals

We offer 1:1 communication coaching in person (in Louisville, KY) or online.

We help individuals prepare for job talks, pitches to venture capitalists, salary negotiations, and political stump speeches. We provide special expertise to STEM researchers who need help effectively communicating their research or their technical proficiency to an audience.

Let us help you reach the next level in your career goals.


“Working with Jenifer is like working with a demanding personal trainer. She won’t let you be weak in your presentation. She helps you find strength you didn’t know you had, and she challenges you to get better every time you work with her. My ability to make an engaging, authentic and compelling presentation has never been better, and I owe this all to Jenifer’s excellent coaching!”

Andria McClellan

Norfolk City Council, Superward 6

“I felt like I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Jenifer really empowered me. I feel like I am in control. That’s important – and a rare feeling!”

Martha Daas

Associate Professor, Foreign Languages & Literature/ Spanish Translator, Old Dominion University

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