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The Women Behind Professional Development Practice Lab:

Who Are Jenifer Alonzo & Adriénne Kouremetis?
Jenifer Alonzo

Jenifer Alonzo

Co-Owner & Founder/ Lead Communication Coach/ Instructional Designer

Jenifer Alonzo is a theater artist, executive coach, and communication trainer.  Ms. Alonzo works with STEM researchers and professionals to help them use theater techniques to communicate their research to public audiences and she develops theater workshops for professionals who wish to employ the tools of the actor to strengthen their work in the sciences, engineering, health care, teaching and law. As an Entsminger Entrepreneurship Fellow, Ms. Alonzo co-created Acting for Scientists and Professional Development Practice Lab, LLC, through which she consults and coaches, supporting individuals and organizations in productive communication.

Ms. Alonzo’s work has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Virginia Foundation for the Arts, the Hampton Roads Community Foundation, and the Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Initiative at Old Dominion University, where she is Associate Professor of Communication and Theatre Arts.

Adriénne Kouremetis

Adriénne Kouremetis

Co-Owner & Founder/ Web Designer/ Lead Content Strategist & Marketer

Adriénne Kouremetis brings a diverse background to communication coaching, as a former actor, retirement plan coordinator, and teacher. In 2013, Adriénne & Jenifer formed a mastermind of 2, meeting once each week to assess professional & life goals. It was through these meetings that Adriénne identified a desire to learn coding. While still teaching, she began taking online coding courses in 2014, and through her increasing knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PhP, she found her ultimate career love. She co-founded Acting for Scientists in 2015 and Professional Development Practice Lab, LLC in 2016, where her passions align perfectly as the Web Designer and Content/ Marketing/ Financial Manager. As the “details” person for PDPL and as a freelance web designer/ developer, she now spends her days designing and building websites and online content, and thoroughly enjoying the varied responsibilities that co-owning a micro-business provides.

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